HostCast is a web-application service provider. Our service encompasses the

on-line creation, management and secure, controlled delivery of on-demand, synchronized, searchable, multimedia presentations.

A “presentation” in the HostCast context is a broad reference to any video or audio content accompanied by illustrative material. The classic example is a speaker on stage, using PowerPoint slides to illustrate their topic. A less obvious example of a presentation is a two-minute promotional video sent to the membership of a medical society where the illustrative content consists of a live web page allowing the members to register for the next meeting. HostCast can create and deliver across this broad spectrum of presentations. Any media type that can be referenced via a URL can be delivered as an illustration, or slide. Real-world examples of presentations abound and include
  • corporate communication,
  • training,
  • events,
  • meetings,
  • product information,
  • educational classes,
  • seminars,
  • testing,
  • promotions and
  • advertising campaigns.
HostCast is accessed entirely through a user’s browser. There is no requirement to install any software on any machine and the solution can be deployed instantly to hundreds of desktops within an organization.